Why SchoolTracs

An Essential Tool For Every Person In Your Company

No matter how big or small your school may be, SchoolTracs offers a wide range of essential features for any role at your company. From owners and administrators to accountants and teachers; you’ll find SchoolTracs will streamline your operations and allow your employees to do what they do best.


As an owner of an educational centre or a number of branches, you’ll have access to critical information no matter where you are in the world. What’s more, you’ll be able to set user privileges and keep track of every one of your employees’ logged actions.


School administrators using SchoolTracs won’t need to copy receipt enrolment information to the timetable; SchoolTracs does this automatically. In addition to this, your administration team will be able to create detailed reports, customize student and teacher records, manage resources, and not have to manually calculate any receipts at the end of the day.


Your accountant will find working with SchoolTracs easy because every receipt is tracked with an automated receipt number sequence and all voided receipts are recorded clearly. SchoolTracs is here to give your accounting team more time by automating much of the accounting work, such as calculating holiday, sick days, and cancelled lessons.


SchoolTracs’ professional user interface allows your teaching staff to operate more autonomously throughout their day. We’ve included all kinds of essential features for them, including an intuitive timetable, smart POS, easy re-scheduling and much more.