Language School

Graceful Hands

Graceful Hands is very lucky start using SchoolTracs’ service when the system became very mature and multi-tasking after the first few years of development. I can see this program is developed by a group of creative but serious system technicians; every step of a school’s operational details is covered. It is not just powerful for single-branch setting; the system can well support a bigger education group like ours. It is very easy for us to monitor more branches locally as well administer overseas operations. It saves us a lot of time. Well done!

Heide, Director and Founder

Blue Sky Classroom

We start to use it from the very beginning, after comparing with another software available. SchoolTracs has a user-friendly and trendy interface. It assists the communication between receptionist and teachers. I like the ongoing innovation of the software. I feel more secure paying a monthly subscription fee.

Nancy, Director and Founder


School Tracs does all the administrative chores and it does it simply. It has saved time and money and has enabled us to better assess the performance of our centre by providing us with valuable data. School Tracs keeps our centre running smoothly, efficiently and effectively

Clifford, Director

Luk Chan Chinese School

Before SchoolTracs, We do accounting, statistic and admin work manually. It occupied lots staff’s time and was sometimes inaccurate. SchoolTracs simplified our workflow. We implemented multiple colleagues handling parent’s payment on front desk. This accelerates the admin task efficiency. Accounting and book keeping is accurate and simple as well!

Ren Tao, Course Program Director

Jolly Kingdom Phonics

Before SchoolTracs,  We have 14 different centers in HK, but each center has to create the school schedule and student data base individually. The data cannot be shared or transferred easily with lots of confusion. And “big picture” is missing. After SchoolTracs — Our staff appreciate how the system can help update information automatically. As for our customer, since there are fewer mistakes in term of tuition calculation and class timetable, they are happy about our new change.

Ms. Lam, School Principal

IB, SAT Consultant

The Edge

Send invoice function reduce 99%  of time in giving parents the invoice. Scheduling lesson and taking teacher and student’s attendance is also much easier.

Farmer, Accounts Analyst

Art & Music Centers

John Wing

School Tracs simplified the parent’s payment process and saves time. Auditing data is clear and organized

Bonnie Yu, Accountant

Tiffany Music and Art Center

We used Excel for the accounting and admin work manually. Every night it took me 2-3 hours to complete the day end reporting. After using SchoolTracs, repetitive admin work time was greatly reduced. As a result, I have more private time with my family. When our clients received our receipt and invoice generated by the system, they all appreciated the effort we put to perfect our professionalism.

Windy, Director

Tutorial School

Step Ahead

Before using computer system, we manually issued our receipt. But manual receipt is confusing and messy. SchoolTracs makes our work more efficient. We can process many transaction at a short time and save lots of time. Besides, all customers records and transactions are stored electronically so we can search conveniently. 

Donald, Center Supervisor

Playgroup Center


The system saves manual processing, so all staff can operate efficiently in one method

Harris, Managing Director

Creative Power

Before using SchoolTracs, We would duplicate course code and fee to each receipt and finally arrange it to time table. It is time consuming. We now use SchoolTracs to print receipt. It’s convenient and tidy. Arranging tutor’s schedule is easy, accurate and convenient.

Esther, Director