Record and Control Student Attendance
Catch-Up Lessons

Thanks to the intuitive design of SchoolTracs’ student attendance software, you can keep an accurate and easily accessible log of every student’s attendance at your school. In addition to this, you’ll have no trouble organizing catch-up lessons for absent students or cancelled lessons with our simple rescheduling function.

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Make the Most of Our
Flexible Attendance Software

Keep a detailed historical record of your students’ attendance inside SchroolTracs’ dedicated Attendance function or popular Timetable view. We’ve incorporated state-of-the-art cloud technology into SchoolTracs so that you can update attendance records from anywhere and access them at any time.

Students’ Attendance View

This dedicated feature of SchoolTracs allows you to find out information about your students’ attendance records quickly. In addition to this, you’ll have no trouble updating current attendance records for missed or rescheduled lessons.

Timetable Attendance View

Timetable attendance view allows you to gain quick insight into any missed lessons while browsing lesson plans for your school. While not as detailed as the dedicated student’s attendance view, you’ll see where you need to act in order to reschedule missed lessons.

Spot Absences
React With Catch-Up Lessons

Ensuring that every one of your students maintains their learning throughout the curriculum is a high priority. SchoolTracs gives you more than just the ability to spot student absences; we give you the power to simply swap one lesson with another without the hassle of printed confirmation.

When used in conjunction with the detailed attendance records stored on the cloud system, you’ll quickly establish which lessons have been missed so that you can take appropriate action. Our attendance tracking software will streamline your process for spotting student absences so that you can organize catch-up lessons effectively.

Help Your Students
Catch-Up On Outstanding Lessons

Students can often miss school because they are suffering from an illness or other unexpected issues. On occasions when students might forget to arrange a catch-up lesson, SchoolTracs helps you to guarantee that you’ll always reimburse any lessons that are owed to students at your school.

While students can approach your teaching faculty in order to schedule a catch-up class, SchoolTracs makes it easy to check for any lessons that may have been missed. Simply check over the report, find any students with missed lessons, and then contact the students directly to arrange the catch-up lessons.

Scan student’s barcode
to check in and out

For the safety of students, parents always want to keep track of when the students arrive or leave the center. In SchoolTracs, you can print a batch of barcode labels and attach them to the handbooks or student cards. Scan the barcode of the students when they arrive or leave the center. Parents will get notified instantly. Taking attendance is effortless.

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