With the rush of daily life, keeping track of all the ins and outs of your children’s school routine and your financial obligations can be demanding at best. With SchoolTracs mobile app, parents can now stay fully informed about lesson schedules and receive real-time notifications on changes to the school day at any time. But, in addition to this, parents on the go can conveniently handle all of their upcoming school payments directly at a time and place that suits them.

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Lessons scheduling

With the SchoolTracs mobile app, you can conveniently take care of lesson scheduling at any time, in any place. Quickly check up on scheduled and rescheduled lesson details and establish whether they’ve been paid for or if students have been marked as absent. In addition to this, the SchoolTracs mobile app allows applying for sick leave.

Lessons scheduling Lessons scheduling


For parents, managing multiple children at different education centres has never been easier than with the SchoolTracs mobile app. Parents can find all the important information about their children inside the app, and can turn specific information on and off with a simple swipe of the finger. To make checking in at education centres easier, parents need only click on their child’s display name to reveal their unique student ID.

MOBILE payments

Thanks to the SchoolTracs mobile app, parents can conveniently manage lesson payments directly through their smartphones. Pay from the ease of your own home or on the go at a time that suits you and do away with having to queue to pay in person. The SchoolTracs mobile app supports a wide range of popular payment options, including AliPay, Apple Pay, and all major credit cards.

MOBILE payments MOBILE payments


The app has removed the burden of having to manage multiple paper receipts. All of your receipts of payment to education centres are stored digitally and securely through the app. Conveniently recall specific digital receipts whenever you need to access them, at any time in the day. The SchoolTracs mobile app provides you with all the crucial data you need in one centralised, secure place.


Never miss an update on the school day thanks to the real-time notifications received through the SchoolTracs mobile app. There are a range of real-time notifications that will allow you to keep up with student and school activity at all times, such as student and teacher absence, rescheduled lessons, teacher notifications, payment reminders, lesson reminders, and additional school alerts.


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