Fully Automated Payroll Management For Your School

When it comes to school accounting software, we’ve implemented the best possible system in SchoolTracs to make things easier for your organization. Our payroll management works hand-in-hand with SchoolTracs’ timetable system to make your HR duties easier to handle.

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Streamlining Your
Payroll System Automatically With Your Attendance System

Keeping accurate records is what allows you to pay your valued employees correctly and on-time. SchoolTracs’ accounting software for schools brings all your HR information, such as Bonuses, Holidays, Time-Tracking and more directly to your payroll. This means your payroll actually runs itself and every change that’s logged into the system will be automatically taken into account. With SchoolTracs, all you’ll need to do is pay your staff their salaries and hand over their payslips when they’re due.

We’ve Included
Every Possible Employment Option

Giving you the ability to streamline your HR process was a driving factor in our design of SchoolTracs. Our HR module allows you to have a flexible choice in choosing all kinds of employment and salary options for your employees. This includes, fixed salary contracts, hourly wages and even a combination of both. Your administrators can pick from a wide range of choices to suit the unique needs of your organization. You can fine-tune this even further by defining individual salaries to suit a teacher’s qualifications and their working schedule.

  • Permanent and part-time employment options available
  • Fixed salaries, hourly wages and a combination of both
  • Combine base salaries with lesson commissions
  • Overtime and insurance options
  • Bonuses and allowances

Introducing Detailed Personal Profiles For Your Staff

At SchoolTracs, we understand that it’s important to keep a detailed record of your employees and teachers the same as you do with your students. Our easy to search school administration software gives your HR department quick access to staff profiles as and when they require. You’ll be able to duplicate template profiles and manage your staff more effectively with information on Personal Details, Lessons, Salaries, Access Rights, Activity Logs, and more.

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