Electronic and Intelligent Payment Reminders

At SchoolTracs, our school management software has an inbuilt and automatic payment reminder function so you can keep track of every payment. Easily set monthly recurring payments, standing payments and receive notifications about the information that matters to you most.

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Keep Your School Moving Forward With
An Automatic Payment System And
A Monthly Recurring Payment Reminder Solution

Dealing with complex areas of payments and calculations can take up many hours of a working day. Thankfully, SchoolTracs’ automatic payment system calculates monthly recurring payment reminder based off vital information, such as the number of lessons a student has, holidays and missed lessons. In addition to this, you’ll receive intelligent reminders that notify SchoolTracs users and students depending on your preference settings.

Keep Track Of Every
Outstanding Payment

With SchoolTracs, you can keep track of every outstanding payments with ease by simply entering the Outstanding Payments view. This gives you the ability to react quickly to emerging issues and ensure that you can collect any late payments promptly.

This feature is further explored in SchoolTracs’ POS view. This is a great way of checking up on any outstanding payments if a student at your school is looking into enrolling on another course. Therefore, you can discuss clearing outstanding payments before further enrolment begins or simply gain more insight into their payment history.

You Take Care Of Teaching
We’ll Take Care Of The Automated Notifications

When dealing with the busy workload any teaching faculty experiences, it pays to have help that can remind you about outstanding payments. SchoolTracs’ automatic reminders keep parents, guardians, and students updated about certain payment events via email and SMS.

Understand Your
Enrolment And Payment Trends

SchoolTracs is here to streamline every aspect of your incoming payments so that you can free up your employees’ valuable time. Our software will automatically register when any payment is updated or outstanding and then mark this as paid or unpaid in the unpaid student report.

This allows you to confidently keep track of every outstanding payment that’s due without having to use employee time to do this.