Advanced and Intuitive School Branches Management

SchoolTracs has made the advancements needed to take free school management software to the next level. We give you the power to easily manage multiple branches, separate companies and brands under your umbrella. You’ll have an in-depth overview and control over every education centre and your entire organization.

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Specific User Roles For Your Staff Members

Restricting access to private company information is vital for security and keeping information confidential. With that being said, it’s also important to allow your staff access to certain areas of SchoolTracs by defining specific user roles.

SchoolTracs allows you to open or restrict access depending on the position any given staff member holds at your organization. By using the same free school management software across every branch, you’ll reduce the cost of training and enable employees to easily rotate between branches.

The records for each student are stored on an online cloud. So, no matter where you relocate employees, they can quickly establish who they’ll be teaching and form a quick judgement about the best approach for each student or a class as a whole.

Define and Unite
Your System Around Your Rules

SchoolTracs’ franchise management system for your branches allows you to create informational barriers for your employees as defined by you. With our system, the days of fearing that your trade secrets and customer database could be leaked and used by competitors or disgruntled employees are over.

Our system is designed to give you peace of mind by only allowing authorised employees access to more sensitive company information. You can set employee access privileges based on job role, trustworthiness or anything you’d like. Access privileges can just as easily be increased or decreased depending on the ever-changing relationship your employees have with your organization.

Every Single
User Action
Is Tracked

When stress is running high and things go wrong or responsibilities are neglected, it pays to know where employees have failed to maintain their duties. SchoolTracs gives you the ability to view a complete history of every user’s actions through the log system; enabling you to optimize workflow and user flow with ease.

This allows you to resolve potential disputes, correct accidental mistakes and provide effective training based on the individual needs of your employees. In addition to this, you’ll know exactly where unauthorized access stemmed from, giving you the opportunity to tighten security measures if necessary.

Keeping Your Data
Backed Up and Safe In Your Online Cloud

Data safety is a serious issue for any organization that makes management decisions based on facts. The same can also be said for ensuring customer information remains safe as this is paramount to maintaining good relationships and continuing future business.

SchoolTracs has an inbuilt cloud function that automatically synchronises all your valuable data to a readily accessible and secure online storage facility. Our cloud system allows you to access your data from anywhere in the world which means managers can stay up-to-date even when on a business trip.

As security is a crucial factor of any cloud system, we’ve implemented encrypted SSL connections into our design for advanced protection against data theft and intrusion.

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