A Comprehensive Student Management System

With SchoolTracs, you can stay informed about every one of your students through our easy-to-use and state-of-the-art database system. Follow student attendance, payments for classes and have vital student information in one convenient place.

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Complete Records Of
Present And Past Student Attendance

Being able to manage catch-up classes effectively is essential for ensuring your students learn the entire curriculum and avoiding conflict with parents should they have forgotten to schedule a catch-up class for their child. SchoolTracs allows you to quickly look at the current or previous attendance of your students and all of the records are securely stored in the database.

If required, you can easily review the past attendance records of your students if you’re looking to spot an absence that may need a catch-up class scheduled. No matter when a student misses a class, you can stay informed and make the right decision to deal with any arising problems.

Keep A Detailed
History Of Students’ Payments

Gain insight into every received payment and all pending payments from students at your school thanks to SchoolTracs. We’ve designed a detailed payment history function so that you can truly understand where you students stand financially at any given time.

You’ll be able to see a total breakdown for each student with detailed information such as Course Names, Dates, Order Numbers, Pricing, Order Status and Payments Received. No matter how complex your accounts may seem, SchoolTracs will break down your students’ payment histories with ease.

Completely Customize Individual Student Records

At SchoolTracs, we believe that it’s vital to have all the necessary information about your students on file and readily accessible. Our advanced student management system allows you to add all kinds of personal information as well as profile photos and special notes for allergies, medical conditions, and more. In addition to adding student information, you can add or remove authorized persons from their file to ensure you keep your students safe at all times.

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