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We’ve breathed new life into learning management systems by giving you access to and control over all the information you need about your students, lessons and resources in one convenient place.

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Giving You
A Timetable That’s Simple, Effective and Powerful

A teacher lesson planner should be designed to make your organizational duties easier. SchoolTracs’ timetable allows you to gain quick insight into availability for any given day, week or month. The intuitive interface gives you flexible control over scheduling or re-scheduling lessons at any time you please. With our lesson planner, you’ll find it easy to build a short-term or long-term programme because of the dedicated views you’ll have of students, teachers, courses and other resources in the form of a transparent timetable or list.

Stay Organized With
Timetable Views Of Your Teachers And Classrooms

SchoolTracs gives you uninhibited access to the information you need in order to manage your entire school effectively. You’ll get vital information displayed clearly in daily, weekly and monthly views so that you’ll see the bigger picture and make the right organizational calls.

See where and when your teaching staff will be working, find out when specific educational resources are in use and learn about student timetabling in more detail. With SchoolTracs, you’ll be able to delve even further into organizing your school as we’ve included a single student, teacher and resources timetable view to complement our overall teacher lesson planner.

Customizable Timetable Records

At SchoolTracs, we understand the importance of giving you total control over your timetable records and that’s why you’ll be able to fully customize every aspect of yours. From lesson details and students’ information to attendance indicators, re-scheduling records and even students with unpaid bills; you’ll always stay fully informed with the information you need in order to stay totally organized at your school.

  • Students’ details can be fully customized, such as DOB, teachers remarks, and level
  • Attendance indicators gives valuable insight into student participation and progress
  • Students with unpaid bills can be highlighted in red.
  • Every record includes essential lesson details, including Course Names, Time, Capacity and Room Numbers
  • Any students awaiting a catch-up class will have the old lesson crossed out and the new lesson marked ‘Make-Up’ automatically on their timetable.

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