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1 min read| September 7, 2022

Schooltracs Timetable Helps to Manage Schedule

Schooltracs Timetable Helps to Manage Schedule

Using Schooltracs timetable, admins and teachers can keep track of the most updated schedule instantly, whenever timetable is rescheduled or students attendance is updated. They can collaborate smoothly without delay in a centralized timetable.

View course time slots easily

  • Admin can have a quick view for the capacity of courses to enroll students faster
  • Students' names are on time slots to know which students will attend the class
  • Timetable have green or red colors to differentiate students’ attendance status
  • Students with outstanding payment are displayed in red to remind the admin to handle the payment settlement

Teachers' mobile view timetable

  • Teachers know which students are present or leave easily
  • Know the updated schedule of make up students immediately
  • Teachers can remark students’ performance on mobile directly

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