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Precise and concise reports on important matters at your school

Transform your education center's data into valuable insights with SchoolTracs' custom reports. Unlock key metrics and optimize performance with ease.


Monitor sales to understand your business in real-time.

  1. Ensure accurate daily closing by tracking transactions by payment method.
  2. Design future courses based on income reports, which identify best-selling courses by category.
  3. Analyze promotion effectiveness with discount reports that track performance.
  4. Follow up on late payments by filtering payment status and monitoring outstanding payments.
  5. Evaluate teacher popularity by monitoring teaching hours and student numbers.

Compile branch sales metrics in one report easily with SchoolTracs.

Categorize students as new, active or dropouts to tailor promotions effectively and understand customer behavior.

Compare sales and student count across branches to evaluate business health.

Analyze business cycle by comparing advanced metrics like payments and active students by time period.


Personalize your report to fit your specific needs

  1. Refine report parameters by center, course, attendance, and more.
  2. Create custom report periods: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom.
  3. Export data to Excel or CSV.

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