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Streamline your tuition centre's scheduling

Manage class scheduling with a powerful scheduling system


Experience the power of a effective timetable with SchoolTracs

Revamp your class schedule with SchoolTracs' intuitive timetable maker, designed to simplify your organizational duties. Gain quick availability insights and flexible control over scheduling, making it easy to build short or long-term programs with dedicated views of students, teachers, and courses in a transparent timetable or list.

Effortlessly stay organized with intuitive timetable for classroom management

Manage your entire school effectively with SchoolTracs' uninhibited access to vital information. Get clear daily, weekly, and monthly views to make informed decisions. View teaching staff schedules, educational resources, and student timetabling with ease, and delve further into organizing with our timetable view for students, teachers, and resources.


Timely Lesson Notifications for Teachers and Students

Utilize the lesson reminder feature to send timely notifications to both teachers and students via mobile app or email, prompting them about upcoming lesson times. This ensures that all parties are well-prepared and do not miss any scheduled lessons.

Take full control of your timetable with our customizable options

Customize lesson details, attendance, and rescheduling for effortless organization and valuable student progress insights.

Students' details can be fully customized, such as DOB, teachers remarks, and level

Class attendance indicators gives valuable insight into student participation and progress

Students with unpaid bills can be highlighted in red.

Every record includes essential lesson details, including Course Names, Time, Capacity and Room Numbers

Any students awaiting a catch-up class will have the old lesson crossed out and the new lesson marked 'Make-Up' automatically on their timetable.

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