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Streamlined Invoicing and Payment Management

From automated recurring invoices to comprehensive payment tracking, our system simplifies the invoicing process and ensures smooth payment management.


Automated Recurring Invoices for Consistent Billing 

The invoicing system automates the generation of monthly recurring invoices, which are programmed to exclude holidays. This eliminates the need for manual invoicing on a monthly basis.

The recurring invoice feature is especially beneficial for students who regularly attend classes and require monthly invoices.

Invoicing with Branded Details and Comprehensive Information

Generate professional invoices featuring the education center's logo and contact details. Include comprehensive details such as course names, dates, times, and instructors.

Incorporate terms and conditions for clarity. Utilize the system to generate PDF files for easy printing and documentation.


Utilizing Multi-Channel Notifications for Timely Payments 

Send invoice reminders through multiple channels, such as LINE, email, or the student mobile app, to ensure timely payment notifications reach students.

Efficient Management of Unpaid Invoices

Administrators can easily track unpaid invoices to maintain a healthy cash flow. They can promptly follow up on unpaid invoices and contact students as needed.


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