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Automate tutor payroll management

Automated tutor payroll integrated with teacher and student attendance records


Allocate courses to tutors according to their availability

The tutor roster management system enables seamless visibility into part-time and full-time tutors' availability, preventing class scheduling conflicts. Automated alerts prevent off-duty tutors and double-booked time slots, ensuring efficient schedule management.

Automate salary calculation for accurate and timely payslips

Tutor payroll management system integrates class attendance records with HR records, such as bonuses, holidays, leave to automate salary computation, ensuring correct and timely payments. Hand over payslips without manual input.


Flexible customisation of payroll policies and incentives

The tutor payroll system offers flexible employment and salary options, encompassing fixed salaries and hourly wages. Customise individual pay based on qualifications and schedules, while also tracking performance for enhanced HR oversight.

Choose from permanent and part-time employment options

Flexible salary types including fixed, hourly, and hybrid options

Combine base salaries with lesson commissions for incentivised pay

Add overtime and insurance options for tutors

Grant bonuses and allowances for exceptional performance

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