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Streamline student information management

Stay on top of your students' progress with SchoolTracs' easy-to-use database system. Track student registration, student attendance, payments, and keep all vital information in one place.


Keep track of student attendance with comprehensive records

School Tracs helps you manage catch-up classes efficiently, ensuring students complete the curriculum and preventing conflicts with parents. Access current and past attendance records securely stored in the database to schedule catchup classes when needed. Stay informed and make informed decisions to tackle any arising problems.

Maintain a comprehensive log of your students' payment history

Stay on top of your students' finances with SchoolTracs' detailed payment history function. Access a total breakdown for each student including Course Names, Dates, Pricing, and Payments Received to gain a clear understanding of their financial status.


Customize student information management

With SchoolTracs, easily access and manage students' information and achievement management, profile photos, notes on allergies or medical conditions, authorized persons, and journal of study progress. Keep your students safe and informed at all times.

Student Journal Enhances Student Feedback and Communication

Teachers can effortlessly update journals for students' learning, for internal or external use. Attach images or PDFs to enrich feedback, enhancing communication with students and parents.

Teachers upload student journals via the mobile app to update academic progress, showcase artwork, and submit assignments

Students access teacher feedback, download homework, and organize artwork portfolios.

Other teachers can track students' progress based on their journals to follow up their study

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