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Advanced and user-friendly school branch management.

SchoolTracs streamlines multi-branch management, enabling control over multiple branches from one platform. Enjoy advanced overview and efficiency for your entire organization.


Oversee your stores from HQ empowering managers and staff for seamless operations

  1. Standardize operations across your network for consistency in service delivery and efficiency.
  2. Simplify branch communication by updating student data and progress reports in the cloud across all branches.
  3. Secure user management assigns specific roles and provides action logs for accountability.
  4. Centralize tuition fee management and automate discounts for consistent, efficient processes across your educational branches.

Accessing report to gain insight across branches, financially or by student number

Gather valuable insights for effortless demand forecasting:

Analyze sales performance of course and branches to uncover key patterns.

Identify and engage your most loyal customers to drive brand loyalty.

Utilize data and trends to effectively plan courses.

Customize data analysis to fit your needs:

Create personalized reports from branches to reveal the insights that matter to your business.

Access a comprehensive overview of performance.

Drill down into specific branches, courses, and teachers performance to gain precise insights.

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