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2 min read| December 4, 2023

Marking Student Journal on SchoolTracs Teacher Mobile App

Marking Student Journal on SchoolTracs Teacher Mobile App

We are thrilled to introduce the SchoolTracs Teacher Mobile App, a tool designed to empower educators and simplify various aspects of their daily tasks. This app enhances classroom management and teacher efficiency while offering a range of powerful features tailored to your teaching needs.

Efficient Journal Marking

With the Teacher Mobile App, marking students’ journals becomes a seamless and efficient process. Teachers can effortlessly provide remarks on students’ learning performance, whether for internal staff reference or external sharing with parents. This feature ensures effective communication and comprehensive feedback. Additionally, the app allows you the flexibility to attach images or PDF files, such as students’ artwork or homework materials, enriching the feedback process and making it more engaging.

QR Code Attendance

Our app simplifies attendance-taking with mobile QR code scanning, making it equally practical for classes held indoors or outdoors. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that attendance records are accurate and efficiently managed. The data seamlessly syncs with your system’s timetable, further simplifying the attendance tracking process.

Assign Teacher Permissions

The Teacher Mobile App puts you in control of data access by allowing you to assign specific permissions to teachers. This granular approach ensures that teachers have access only to their own students’ information, maintaining data privacy and control. It fosters efficient information management within your educational institution while safeguarding sensitive data and adhering to privacy regulations.

We firmly believe that the SchoolTracs Teacher Mobile App will significantly enhance your teaching experience. It has been meticulously designed to simplify your daily tasks, improve communication, and offer greater control over your educational processes. We can't wait for you to explore its full potential and experience the positive impact it can have on your teaching journey and classroom management.

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