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2 min read| June 21, 2022

Calculating payslip on time

Calculating payslip on time

Accountants rush to consolidate teachers’ and students’ attendance and lessons rescheduled promptly by the end of the month to calculate salary before the payroll due date. Processing teachers’ payroll through a spreadsheet is time-consuming and error-prone. SchoolTracs payroll system frees up your time on payroll.

Customize the salary policy to fit every staff employment contract

You can process the salary according to the teacher’s working hours or the number of students, by setting the hourly rate or rate per student. Just need one click, the system could fetch the teacher’s schedule to calculate the salary based on the rate you set. It could generate a batch of payslips for all staff effortlessly.

Applying multiple payroll rules to customize a salary policy

You offer different salary policies to staff, such as part-time and full-time. At SchoolTracs, it provides you with multiple payroll rules, including hourly rate, a commission of per student in a lesson, flat rate, etc. The rules meet the needs of most education centres. You could adjust the rules to calculate the actual salary. For instance, you could combine rules of a flat rate, rules of bonus and rules of tax or pension as a salary policy. Then you can apply this policy has been set to any new staff.

Generating payslip with lessons details

A detailed payslip with lesson information ensures the teachers fully understand how the payroll is calculated. The payslip can be generated automatically displaying all classes taught by the staff, including class name, date, time, and the number of students. If your teachers find a discrepancy in the payable amount, you can easily check against the students’ attendance reports to find out whether the attendance is missing.

Manual adjustment to correct payable amount

If the automatic calculation cannot meet your needs. You can apply Excel formula or input the salary amount manually to correct the payable amount. The adjustment may be for pension, subsidies or bonuses. The amount can be displayed on the payslip as well.

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