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2 min read| January 17, 2024

SchoolTracs Mobile App Improves Communication Between Parents and the School

SchoolTracs Mobile App Improves Communication Between Parents and the School

The recent update to the SchoolTracs student mobile app aims to enhance communication between parents and the school, offering a range of features designed to streamline and improve this crucial aspect of educational management.

Parents Sign Notices on Mobile App

One of the key features allows administrators to send notices to parents, whether they contain PDFs or images, directly through the SchoolTracs student mobile app. This feature not only makes communication more convenient but also ensures that parents can quickly acknowledge and sign the notice within the app itself.

Furthermore, administrators have complete control over their communication schedule, with the ability to set specific send dates and times for notices. This ensures that important information reaches parents at the most appropriate moments, enhancing the effectiveness of the communication.

Additionally, the system provides robust monitoring capabilities, enabling administrators to track which parents have signed the notices and identify those who haven’t, thereby ensuring a streamlined and organized communication process.

Teachers Can Upload Student Journal on Mobile App

Another significant feature of the app is the ability to upload student journals for parents’ access. Teachers can easily provide comments on students’ academic progress through the app, facilitating more efficient and timely communication. This feature also allows teachers to enrich the feedback process by uploading various supplementary materials such as images or PDF files, which can include students’ artwork or homework materials. This comprehensive approach to feedback ensures that parents have a holistic understanding of their child’s academic journey, fostering a stronger and more collaborative relationship between parents and the school.

In summary, the SchoolTracs student mobile app’s recent enhancements represent a significant step forward in improving communication between parents and educational institutions. With features that enable efficient notice distribution, streamlined monitoring, and comprehensive feedback mechanisms, this app empowers schools to foster stronger relationships with parents and keep them informed and engaged in their child’s education.

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