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3 min read| January 3, 2024

Enhance data security with the SchoolTracs system

Enhance data security with the SchoolTracs system

Introducing SchoolTracs’ latest advancements in data security and system control. Our new features ensure that your institution’s data remains safeguarded and your operations run smoothly. These updates empower you with the tools needed to manage and secure your data effectively, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your processes.

Timetable Lock for Past Lessons

Our newly introduced timetable lock feature is designed to address the challenges that can arise from making changes to past lessons. We understand that such changes may sometimes lead to unintended errors, potentially affecting paid orders and enrollment reports. With the timetable lock, you now have the flexibility to customize the editability of past lessons, offering enhanced control and data security.

For example, if today is November 1st, and you choose a 4-week editable option, lessons scheduled on or before October 4th become uneditable. This functionality ensures that historical lesson data remains intact and error-free, providing peace of mind for your administrative processes.

Staff Permissions

Institutional data security is paramount. With our staff permissions feature, you have the ability to assign specific roles to each staff member, allowing you to precisely define their access to various system features and functionalities. This level of control empowers you to manage staff actions within the system with precision.

Here are some examples:

  • 1. Teachers are allowed to see the timetable but cannot edit,and they can see their own students only instead of students of the school
  • 2. Admin are allowed to issue invoices and edit timetable,but they are not allowed to access sales reports and delete refunds or students data

This granular control over staff access rights not only fortifies data security but also ensures that staff can efficiently carry out their responsibilities within predefined boundaries.

Action Records in Comprehensive User Log

Transparency and accountability are essential components of a robust system. To ensure these principles are upheld, our user log now records every action executed by staff members within the system. This comprehensive log serves as a powerful tool for monitoring and auditing system activities.

Should any discrepancies, errors, or unauthorized actions occur within the system, the user log provides a detailed record for swift identification and resolution. This feature enhances overall data integrity and reliability, allowing for more efficient troubleshooting and error resolution processes.

Enhancing Security with AWS WAF: A Robust Solution for Web Application Protection

Our commitment to data security extends to the very core of our web applications. We are pleased to announce the implementation of AWS WAF, a robust solution that enhances the security of our web-based platforms. This advanced tool is engineered to provide strong protection against common web exploits and unwanted traffic.

AWS WAF effectively blocks threats such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, bolstering the safety of your online interactions. By incorporating AWS WAF into our system, we aim to provide you with a more secure, efficient, and reliable web experience.

These new features and enhancements exemplify our dedication to your institution’s data security and system control. We believe that these updates will significantly enhance your experience with SchoolTracs, providing you with the tools necessary to manage your institution efficiently and securely.

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