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< 100

active students

Active student is 3 months average of students headcount enrolling currently

$ 40


101 - 250

active students

Active student is 3 months average of students headcount enrolling currently

$ 70


251 - 500

active students

Active student is 3 months average of students headcount enrolling currently

$ 105


501 - 1000

active students

Active student is 3 months average of students headcount enrolling currently

$ 135


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Unlimited employes accounts
Daily backups
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Intelligent POS
Intuitive Timetable
Smart Payments Reminder
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Employees Salaries
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Start with 14-day trial. No credit card needed and no strings attached.
No hidden costs and all features available from the start.

  • Before SchoolTracs, We do accounting, statistic and admin work manually. It occupied lots staff’s time and was sometimes inaccurate. SchoolTracs simplified our workflow. We implemented multiple colleagues handling parent’s payment on front desk. This accelerates the admin task efficiency. Accounting and book keeping is accurate and simple as well!

    Luk Chan Chinese School

    Ren Tao, Course Program Director

  • Before SchoolTracs, We have 14 different centers in HK, but each center has to create the school schedule and student data base individually. The data cannot be shared or transferred easily with lots of confusion. And “big picture” is missing. After SchoolTracs — Our staff appreciate how the system can help update information automatically. As for our customer, since there are fewer mistakes in term of tuition calculation and class timetable, they are happy about our new change.

    Jolly Kingdom Phonics

    Ms. Lam, School Principal

  • We had used another online system for management before we found Schooltracs, but its value is lower than what we expected. We found SchoolTracs system is very useful to handle and manage the classes, the most important thing is the service charge is reasonable. Their on-line supports is always helpful. We thank for having them for our business.

    Love Kingdom Edu

    Connie, Manager

  • We have operated our education centre for more than ten years. Before using SchoolTracs, we used Excel and notebook to manage students' information and created classes schedule. When students took leave or made up lessons, it's time-consuming to trace students' attendance records and error-prone. Since the surge of students, the issues becomes serious. Fortunately, using SchoolTracs helps us a lot, and our colleagues appreciate it. Now, we have three branches and the number of students keeps growing. We rely on SchoolTracs to resolve all challengs.

    Hello Baby Playgroup Limited

    Lawrence, Manager

  • Schooltracs provides an one-stop solution from student management to POS to reporting, saving hours of manual work.


    Clifford, Director

  • Send invoice function reduce 99% of time in giving parents the invoice. Scheduling lesson and taking teacher and student’s attendance is also much easier.

    The Edge

    Farmer, Accounts Analyst


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How does the 14-day trial work?

After you sign up for your trial, we will email you the trial in 1 working day. You get access to all the features in Schooltracs for 14 days. You don’t have to pay anything or enter your credit card information. If you didn’t have enough time to explore our app, you can extend your Schooltracs trial for free. Just contact us at

What happens at the end of my trial?

Let us know if you want to continue using SchoolTracs after 14 days trial and we will email you the contract for confirmation. We will follow up with you on data import. But if you won’t purchase a plan, then your account will expire and you won’t be able to access your designs anymore.

How can I pay for SchoolTracs?

We accept Cheque postal, ATM / Cheque bank in, bank auto debit.

Do I have to sign long-term contracts?

No, you don't. SchoolTracs service is "pay as you go". To terminate, one month notice prior to your termination date is fine.

Is my data secure and private?

You access Schooltracs through a secure and encrypted connection. All information you input are private, and will only be accessed, with your permission, by SchoolTracs technical support when answering your enquiry or data import. We do not share or sell any of your information with third parties for their promotional purposes. See more about our privacy policy.

Can I import my existing data?

We will send you an excel template for student contact information. You could fill it and email to and we can import it for free. We cannot import past students' enrollment or payment record. You could use SchoolTracs in parallel with your current system for 1 month and input manually and graually.

How to evaluate my number of active students ?

Active students is the number of students head count paying you monthly. When you start using SchoolTracs, you could estimate the number and we will charge accordingly. It will be reviewed every three months according to average number of last three months. Adjusted fee will continue for the coming three months.

Can Schooltracs be used in multiple branches?

Our software was designed to work well for one school or education center but it shows true powers when you connect multiple branches to it. There are special tools dedicated for branches/franchise management.

Do you have more questions, please contact us.