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Tutoring School Successful Story

Schooltracs helps Dedicated Education to formulate effective marketing plans according to insightful enrollment reports

Dedicated Education

Established in 2021, Dedicated Education offers comprehensive academic services, including interview preparation, personalized tutoring and exam preparation, covering all subjects for primary school and secondary school students.

Dedicated Education

The Challenge

Prior to implementing the Schooltracs system, we encountered significant challenges. Tracking the last enrollment date of students, vital for marketing planning but proved time-consuming. Managing makeup lessons was logistically complex. Calculating teacher salaries, reliant on the number of students taught, posed administrative hurdles. Moreover, the need for a system that could be accessed from anywhere for administrators working remotely was also a pressing concern. These challenges underscored the necessity for an efficient solution.

The Solution

The Schooltracs system has significantly improved our educational operations in multiple ways. It provides us with a seamless means to track tuition payment records of every student, ensuring our admins inform students to pay on time. Makeup lesson arrangements have become user-friendly, benefiting both students and instructors. Furthermore, Schooltracs offers clear insights into branch income, receivables, and student enrollment status, facilitating informed decisions and financial transparency. Its portability enables us to manage operations from anywhere, enabling swift responses to student inquiries and effective remote work for administrators.

Dedicated Education
Dedicated Education

The Result

Implementing the Schooltracs system has yielded numerous benefits for our operations. One notable advantage is the reduction of administrative workload, granting our staff more time for essential teaching preparation, ultimately enhancing the quality of our educational offerings. Furthermore, the system's ability to generate insightful reports has proven invaluable in formulating effective marketing plans and evaluating the efficiency of our marketing strategies. In summary, Schooltracs has significantly streamlined our operations, allowing us to better allocate resources and make data-driven decisions, ultimately contributing to the overall success of our educational institution.

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What others are saying

Schooltracs streamlines student database management and boasts an intuitive timetable feature. This system efficiently handles student data and empowers teachers with an easy-to-navigate schedule, enhancing operational efficiency.

Mulberry House

Schooltracs was crucial during our transition to remote operations. It streamlined workflows, prioritized staff coordination, and eliminated the need for physical offices. This ensured a smooth transition to our new operational mode.

Harp Chamber

Schooltracs has notably improved our backend operations, delivering a seamless and efficient management solution. Its integration into our system streamlines tasks, affording us the opportunity to concentrate on our core educational objectives and initiatives.

Jack & Jill Treehouse

Schooltracs significantly reduces administrative workload, simplifies lesson rescheduling, and enables comprehensive student history tracking. These benefits improve overall management efficiency.

Byjoss Fencing

Schooltracs enhances our administrative processes with professional invoicing and informative sales reports. It bolsters our daily efficiency and accuracy, proving invaluable to our operations.

Little Beans

We have significantly reduced the time spent on creating timetables, leading to an enhancement in our administrative efficiency. This streamlining of scheduling tasks allows us to focus on other vital aspects of our operation.


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