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Manage your tutoring school with ease using SchoolTracs

Effectively manage tutoring school schedules, tuition fees, and foster seamless collaboration among staff and students

Why SchoolTracs


Manage recurring student invoicing

  • Automate class enrollment for recurring students for a seamless registration process
  • Simplify billing by easily generating and delivering monthly invoices
  • Enhance administrative efficiency through streamlined billing processes

Track student progress and manage grades

  • Streamline grade management by monitoring individual performances and recording assessments
  • Generate detailed progress reports for a clear overview of academic achievements
  • Empower educators with actionable insights and offer students and parents a transparent view of academic progress

Reschedule classes for students taking leave

  • Manage absences and update class schedules with ease
  • Notify teachers and students promptly about schedule changes
  • Provide flexibility and efficiency, accommodating the needs of students taking leave

For everyone at school



Streamline your school management with seamless integration

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What others are saying

SchoolTracs streamlines student database management and boasts an intuitive timetable feature. This system efficiently handles student data and empowers teachers with an easy-to-navigate schedule, enhancing operational efficiency.

Mulberry House

SchoolTracs was crucial during our transition to remote operations. It streamlined workflows, prioritized staff coordination, and eliminated the need for physical offices. This ensured a smooth transition to our new operational mode.

Harp Chamber

SchoolTracs has notably improved our backend operations, delivering a seamless and efficient management solution. Its integration into our system streamlines tasks, affording us the opportunity to concentrate on our core educational objectives and initiatives.

Jack & Jill Treehouse

SchoolTracs significantly reduces administrative workload, simplifies lesson rescheduling, and enables comprehensive student history tracking. These benefits improve overall management efficiency.

Byjoss Fencing

SchoolTracs enhances our administrative processes with professional invoicing and informative sales reports. It bolsters our daily efficiency and accuracy, proving invaluable to our operations.

Little Beans

We have significantly reduced the time spent on creating timetables, leading to an enhancement in our administrative efficiency. This streamlining of scheduling tasks allows us to focus on other vital aspects of our operation.


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