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2 min read| February 11, 2024

Schooltracs Feb 2024 Update

Schooltracs Feb 2024 Update

We’re delighted to announce a series of updates tailored to enhance your user experience and offer increased control and flexibility in managing your institution. Below is a concise overview of the latest features:

Teacher App

1. Remark Display

Both internal and external remarks are now visible in the course student list and student information page within the teacher app.

2. Multi-Branch Timetable Viewing

Teachers can now access the timetable for multiple branches in the mobile App, enabling them to view all lessons across different branches so that they don’t need to switch different branches to view.

Teacher Salary

1. Salary calculation

Some education centers calculate teacher salaries based on the original price of courses, despite offering discounts to students. With the latest update, you now have the flexibility to choose whether to calculate salaries based on the original price or the discounted price, providing greater fairness in compensation.

Student Notification

1. Notification for Journal Updates

Whenever you update journals for students, notifications will be automatically sent to the student app to alert them of the updated entries.

2. Multi-Page Student Selection

You can easily select students across multiple pages to send notification once or you can select all students to send notification.

Import and Delete Fee

1. Fee Import Customization

The fee import template now includes an additional column allowing you to specify whether each fee should be displayed in your store.

2. Bulk delete fees

You can effortlessly delete multiple fees at once by selecting them in bulk for deletion.

3. Bulk Store Fee Management

You can easily manage the visibility of multiple fees in your store by collectively selecting which fees to hide or show.

SchoolTracs provides an extensive suite of features meticulously crafted to enhance the operational efficiency of educational institutions. Ranging from class scheduling and student attendance management to invoicing and payment tracking, SchoolTracs delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to address the multifaceted requirements of educational organizations. Our platform boasts a user-friendly interface, customizable settings, and robust reporting capabilities, making SchoolTracs the optimal solution for schools, academies, tutoring schools, arts schools, music schools, dance schools, sport clubs,training centers, kindergarten.

We remain committed to enhancing your experience with SchoolTracs and providing you with the tools and support you need to succeed in your educational endeavors. For more details, please sign up free trial.

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